Featured Audio
Featured Audio
A Place of Safety? (Part 3)
by John W. Ritenbaugh
(66 mins.)
18-Feb-17 Sermon
18-Feb-17 Commentary
C.G.G. Weekly:
by Clyde Finklea
In Part One, we considered how fear, when combined with unbelief, can turn us aside from following our Savior Jesus Christ and endanger our chance to be included among God's firstfruits. ... (more)
September-October Forerunner:
Most of us never end up in jail. None of us would want to go there. But at one time or another, all of us imprison ourselves and others when we lock down our hearts and refuse to forgive one another. Christ came to bring us atonement—reconciliation with God and with each other—and forgiveness is a crucial element in bringing this to pass. When we forgive each other, real freedom becomes possible.

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