Sixth Commandment
Sixth Commandment

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The Other Great Tribulation

A Prelude to American Socialism

Sermonette; #911s; 14 minutes
Given 22-Nov-08

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Charles Whitaker, cuing in on the future event, the Great Tribulation, speaks of another Great Trouble in the past, occurring in Egypt and Canaan, in which a famine induced a great tribulation, introducing social, economic, and political upheaval. Because of the famine, Joseph was compelled to sell grain on a cash basis, consolidating all money in a central government, making everyone virtual servants of Pharaoh. Joseph literally "bought the farms" throughout Egypt. This economic catastrophe turned Egypt from a capitalist into a feudal state, turning everyone into a virtual serf. The Great Depression in the United States shared many parallels with ancient Egypt: (01) agriculture failed, (02) government bureaucracy, urbanization, and taxation grew, (03) confiscatory monetary powers as well as urbanization mushroomed, and (04) dictatorial powers accrued to the executive branch of government. In the future, a ruthless, malevolent government will make Auschwitz tame by comparison.



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