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commentary: An Election Overview (Part Two)

Given 26-Nov-16; Sermon #1352c; 14 minutes

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John Ritenbaugh, analyzing the media claim that Hillary won the popular vote and are demanding the scuttling of the electoral system, observes that cooler heads in the Democratic party leadership have shown extreme reluctance to pursue this course, especially in light of the revelation that the absentee ballots have not yet been counted (2/3 of the absentee ballots have tended Republican in the last 200 years), as well as the high volume of illegal alien votes (encouraged by President Obama) and felon votes (encouraged by Virginia governor Terry McAuliffe) which probably put Hillary over the top. The electoral college was established by the Founding Fathers to protect small communities from being dominated by the major population centers, as a kind of guarantee that the rural people would not be hornswoggled or snookered by unscrupulous city slickers. The Electoral College prevents any political party from shamelessly and unfairly dominating by pandering to dense population areas through corrupt political machines. In 200 years, the Electoral College has ensured a balance of power uniformly across the nation by factoring in the number of Representatives (varying by the population) and the number of Senators (two from each state).



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