Jesus Christ
Jesus Christ

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Passover and the Blood of Jesus Christ

Spiritual Completion and Eternal Life

Sermonette; #1482s; 18 minutes
Given 13-Apr-19

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Blood—particularly Christ's blood—symbolizes several distinct things. First, blood symbolizes life, and can symbolize a record of life. Consequently, God forbids us to eat the blood of animals, which is the life. Symbolically, the blood of Abel called out after Cain murdered him. Second, God seals covenants with blood. Significantly, there were no sin offerings in the sealing of the Old Covenant. The instructions for sin offerings came after the covenant was made. Third, the only blood God permits humans to consume is the blood of Christ, indicating that an internal change must take place displacing carnality with spirituality. Finally, Christ's blood does exceedingly more than remit sin—it gives eternal life and a familial relationship with our Heavenly Father. The wine at Passover represents Christ's blood of the covenant, by which we will be made complete.



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