Sixth Commandment
Sixth Commandment

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Deuteronomy and Holiness

Feast; #FT19-01-AM; 74 minutes
Given 14-Oct-19

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America, because of her lack of God-centeredness, no longer has enough moral capacity to be great. God is allowing God-rejecting Israelites to destroy the inheritance He gave to Jacob's children. God apportioned specific lands and definite boundaries to Jacob's offspring, as well as the Gentile nations. God set aside Jacob's offspring as His people, desiring a reciprocal relationship with a holy people. God selected Jacob's offspring, having a blood bond and an affinity for one another, as His portion. Because of the reprobate, angry mindset of physical Israelites, the Israel of God has difficulty becoming holy in the midst of the current cultural toxicity. For this reason, God requires His called-out ones to make themselves living sacrifices emulating the costly sacrifice of love that God made for us through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. Because of self-centered carnal nature, we find this task exceedingly difficult. For this reason, God has provided the God-plane marriage relationship to teach us how to submit to one another, sacrificing our self-centeredness for the benefit of our spouse. As we make the God-pleasing adjustments in marriage, as well as the God-pleasing changes in our relationships with offspring and community, we learn that love is costly.


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