God's Law
God's Law

Featured Audio
Featured Audio
Christianity Is a Fight! (Part 2)
by John W. Ritenbaugh
(70 mins.)
16-Mar-19 Sermon
16-Mar-19 Commentary
C.G.G. Weekly:
by Mike Ford
We have all been in a restaurant, a store, or a bank, and the employee serving us—perhaps newly hired or in training—just cannot complete the task. We ask to see the manager, and ... (more)
May-August Forerunner:
Hollywood almost never comes up with anything new; it just keeps on remaking popular stories from yesteryear. Even so, a recent development in Tinseltown is the mainstreaming of horror movies—to the point that a few of them are being considered for Academy Awards. If nothing else, the rise of the horror genre suggests that a spirit of fear is dominating our entertainment, a spirit that finds its source in “the prince of the power of the air” (Ephesians 2:2).

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