Bible Villains
Bible Villains

Featured Audio
Featured Audio
Authority: Why So Many Resent It
by Martin G. Collins
(72 mins.)
15-Feb-20 Sermon
15-Feb-20 Commentary
C.G.G. Weekly:
by Mike Fuhrer
In Part One, we stuck a toe into the waters of divine providence and found that the subject is far deeper than we may have imagined it to be. God's care for us goes well beyond fulfilling ... (more)
Forerunner Magazine:
The recipients of the epistle of Hebrews were allowing themselves to drift away from what the apostles had taught them. The distractions of coping with the chaos at the end of an age wreaked havoc on their ability to discern what was truly valuable, and their zeal for God was faltering. Because we, too, live on the cusp of the crisis at the close of the age, we must ask ourselves, “Am I seeking treasures on earth or laying up treasures in heaven?”

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