• John 10:27
    "My sheep hear my voice . . .
    and they follow Me."
    John 10:27


The Berean: Daily Verse and Comment
The Berean: Daily Verse and Comment

Today's Verse and Comment

Matthew 20:16

(16) So the last will be first, and the first last. For many are called, but few chosen."

In a sense, everybody is called to recognize God through the natural world, but the word "chosen" shows that God must personally rescue us from our self-centered blindness. Using the term "elect," Titus 1:1 reinforces the idea that God …

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The Need to Escape and Be Rescued
by Martin G. Collins


Waving the White Flag
by Joseph B. Baity


Jesus Christ is Our Hope
by Ted E. Bowling

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Seeds and Seasons (Part Two)

by David C. Grabbe

In Part One, we learned that God teaches His children important lessons through the seasons of the year, particularly in the harvest seasons during which He has placed His appointed times, the holy days. God uses the process of sowing, cultivating, and reaping to instruct us about the steps He takes to grow and gather a harvest of children from among humanity. We saw that the primary aim of His method is to produce faith in the One He sent, Jesus Christ (John 6:29). The holy days illustrate that God will not produce one harvest but three, which will come to fruition at different times. He …

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Sharing Our Lives at the Feast
Sharing Our Lives at the Feast

by Mark Schindler

One of the great blessings that God gives us every year is the command to keep His holy days. As with all of His laws, they do much more …

Holy Days: Atonement
Holy Days: Atonement

by Richard T. Ritenbaugh

In our continuing study on the holy days, we have seen the plan of God broaden from our personal redemption and removal of sin in …

Why Hebrews Was Written (Part Thirteen): Hebrews 2 and the Next Five Years

I have expressed myself several times about the state of the nation since the election of President Joe Biden, who carried with him …

God's Promises Are Sure!

If there is one holy day that ought to fill us with an exhilarating sense of anticipation, it is the Feast of Trumpets. In Solomon's …

Like a Tree
Like a Tree

by Mike Ford

The Eighth Day, often called the Last Great Day, immediately following the Feast of Tabernacles, represents the Great White Throne …

Do You Desire the Day of the Lord?

All but the most liberal mainstream Christians are looking forward to Christ’s return. However, many have set their hopes on a fallacious …