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Featured Audio
Featured Audio
Spring Holy Days, Overview
by Kim Myers
(17 mins.)
08-Dec-18 Sermon
C.G.G. Weekly:
by David C. Grabbe
Theologian Richard Halverson is quoted as saying, “Men who fear God face life fearlessly. Men who do not fear God end up fearing everything.” To put it another way, fear can be broken down into two … (more)
January-April Forerunner:
In Revelation 3:8, Jesus Christ promises the church in Philadelphia “an open door, and no one can shut it.” Most people do not realize that He is referring to a prophecy found in Isaiah 22 that relies heavily on understanding the office of a steward, treasurer, or prefect of a royal house. In this way, Philadelphia’s open door may signify something far different than the church’s ability to preach the gospel.

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