Does CGG preach the gospel to the world?

This is probably the number-one misconception about the Church of the Great God. We do indeed preach the gospel to the world, but it is not our main focus. From its formation, the CGG has concentrated on "feeding the flock" because we recognize that, before we can produce an effective witness and work for God to the world, we must reconfirm our faith and love for God and the brethren and "grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ" (II Peter 3:18). This is a form of preaching the gospel (Romans 1:15). A genuine Christian most effectively preaches the gospel by his own true witness, that is, by his example.

Nevertheless, if God opens the door for us to be a witness in a greater way to the unconverted world, whether by radio, television or some other medium, we will certainly walk through it. At this time, mostly due to our small numbers and limited funds, our primary vehicle for preaching to the world is through our various web sites, which can be accessed internationally. Despite our limited resources, we mail the Forerunner magazine and sermon tapes to 35 countries from Australia to Zambia! As our presence on the Internet grows, we hope to increase our exposure in every nation and provide the good news of God's Kingdom to all the world.