Does CGG believe in using 'sacred names?

No. First of all, there is no command in the Scripture instructing us that God must be called a specific name. God has literally hundreds, maybe thousands, of names and titles, all of which help to describe Him in some way. Why limit Him to just one?

Secondly, the transition from Hebrew to Greek - from the Old Testament to the New - is instructive. Jesus' name in Hebrew is Yeshua (Joshua). In Greek it is Iesous. He did not demand that people call Him only by His Hebrew name. The same can be said for "God," having changed from El (Hebrew) to Theos (Greek). Obviously, the ideas of who and what God is are far more important than the correct pronunciation of His name. In fact, scholars are still unsure how to pronounce the so-called ineffable name of God, YHWH!

Lastly, there is no "magic" in God's name. Our God is not a God of superstition, in which one says the right words and all his wishes are granted. God's names are special in that they describe who He is and what He does, helping us to understand Him better. His name identifies Him, and when we are baptized into the church, it also identifies us (Matthew 28:19). Thus, He commands us in the third commandment not to bear His name in an unworthy manner because doing so reflects badly on Him.