COVID-19 and the Feast of Tabernacles in Myrtle Beach, SC

Many of you have asked about the Covid-19 rules, regulations, and restrictions that will affect us during the Feast in Myrtle Beach.

While the State of SC has a slightly more relaxed approach to restricting public behavior—and more importantly—the restrictions on church attendance—we do have face-mask and social-distancing requirements to comply with.

The State of SC, along with Horry County, the City of Myrtle Beach, and the DoubleTree Resort have published regulations and guidelines for conducting an event such as ours. Here is a summary:

Around the town and on the beach

State and local authorities require that we wear masks to enter all places of business, including restaurants, hotels, salons, grocery stores, drug stores, banks, laundry/dry cleaners, malls, amusement/entertainment facilities, museums, etc. It is always best to assume that masks are required wherever we go.

Children under the age of 10 are NOT required to wear masks “provided that adults accompanying children ages 4-9 shall use reasonable efforts to cause those children to wear face masks while inside the enclosed area of any Retail Establishment or Foodservice Establishment unless otherwise exempt” (per the latest Executive order from the City of Myrtle Beach). In other words, always have a mask ready for your children, 4-years-old and up.

As far as we know, most of the popular restaurants along the Grand Strand are open, but any single location might close without notice.

Bars and restaurants are operating under state and local guidelines that allow a maximum of 50% capacity. Bars are supposed to be strictly managed to ensure social distancing and must stop serving alcohol by 11:00 PM. Expect long lines at the more popular establishments that do not take reservations.

In addition, parties of no more than eight people are allowed at any single table anywhere in Myrtle Beach unless they are all in the same family. All dining tables are to be spaced at least six feet apart.

Masks are required everywhere except while seated at the table. Certain bars and restaurants may have additional rules that should be clearly posted.

Please be patient with restaurant employees and management—it has been a very tough year for them! If you are unsure of the rules, ask!

Most restaurants will provide takeout, curbside pickup, and/or delivery. Takeout and delivery services are also available online. These may be good options for those who want to dine together without the usual restrictions.

The amusement parks are typically NOT open in October, but the famous SkyWheel is open year-round. All other amusement/entertainment facilities should clearly post any additional safety requirements or restrictions. Please pay close attention to avoid conflict.

While outside or on the beach, masks are NOT required, but normal social distancing is. However, be prepared to put on a mask or leave an area to avoid conflicts with nervous or anxious persons.

NOTE: Whether on the beach, walking on sidewalks, or in any public space within the City of Myrtle Beach, no groups larger than ten, family or not, are allowed.

At the Resort

The DoubleTree Resort requires that we wear a mask while entering and exiting any building and while using the elevators. In fact, there should be posted guidelines to follow for using all elevators, restricting the numbers allowed to ride together. This could be potentially troublesome, especially when strangers are present. Expect longer wait times for all elevators and allow for extra time to get to services.

We do NOT, of course, have to wear masks while in our private rooms.

Outside, in the parking lots, or around the pool, masks are NOT required but are recommended. Social-distancing requirements are in force throughout the entire resort property, including registration. Please use common sense and courtesy when around others, particularly strangers.

The DoubleTree requests that we wear a mask and maintain social distancing while inside our meeting room, but we are not required to do so. In fact, the DoubleTree management has informed us that we are under no legal requirement to wear masks or to social-distance while inside the meeting room.

Even so, please feel free to wear a mask in the meeting room if you desire. We will do our best to provide for limited social distancing while seated. We will also provide hand-sanitation stations and masks.

Some have asked if we will have congregational singing, and yes, we will!

Finally, keep in mind that we attend the Feast by God’s commandment to rejoice in the special fellowship that is unique to this festival. So, please be as patient, courteous, and forbearing as God’s Family should be under these potentially trying circumstances. Please respect each other’s choices on mask-wearing and remember to self-quarantine should you or your children become sick!

Copies of this announcement and the pertinent orders and guidelines from the State of SC, Horry County, and the City of Myrtle Beach will be available at the Information Table.

Should you venture outside of these locales, please be aware that there may be additional restrictions and guidelines that you will need to follow.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

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