Jesus Christ
Jesus Christ

Our Beliefs: God Family, The

God is the eternal, omniscient, omnipresent, supreme, all-powerful, creating, ruling and life-giving spirit Family (Elohim). It is one and perfect in character, love and purpose. Through its plan for mankind, its overall purpose is to expand the Family and thereby share its magnificent glory for all eternity. Presently, the God Family consists of God the Father and God the Son.

Scripture References:
Genesis 1:1, 26;   Deuteronomy 6:4;   Nehemiah 9:6-8;   Psalms 2:2, 7, 12;   Psalms 8:1-9;   Psalms 19:1;   Psalms 110:1;   Psalms 139:1-10;   Isaiah 40:12-17, 25-26;   Isaiah 44:6;   Daniel 7:9-10;   John 1:1, 14;   John 4:24;   John 14:8-9;   Romans 1:20;   Romans 8:29;   Ephesians 1:3-5, 9-10;   Ephesians 3:14-15;   Colossians 1:12-18;  

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