Sixth Commandment
Sixth Commandment

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Do You Feel Lucky?

Pagan Luck vs. Prudence and Providence

Sermonette; #677s; 18 minutes
Given 24-Jul-04

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Mike Ford, reflecting upon a study conducted by Weismann examining the phenomenon of luck, concludes that diligence, positive attitude, and preparation have more to do with what people perceive to be 'luck' rather than blind chance, random occurrence, or just plain superstition. Chance and luck do not (or should not) govern our lives. We may tempt God by our stupidity and bring calamitous events upon ourselves. Instead of trusting in luck, we must (1) diligently and systematically plan for the future, (2) exercise prudence and caution, being wary of evil, and (3) showing foresight and trusting in Providence-or God's reward for following His structured plan for our lives.



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