Pagan Holidays
Pagan Holidays

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Give an Offering? No Sweat!

Offerings and Good Works

Sermonette; #687s; 16 minutes
Given 25-Sep-04

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In this offertory message, Richard Ritenbaugh affirms that without God's providence we are and have absolutely nothing. Even though we may lack physical energy on this day because of afflicting our souls with fasting, it is not a time we become totally inert. Paradoxically this Holy Day gets the most instruction in the scripture- in terms of sacrifices (14 sacrifices including meal offering, drink offering, sin offering, peace offering, and thank offering). Even though we do not do much, a lot is done on our behalf in terms of a sacrifice and the putting away of our deadly adversary Satan. The abundance of offerings depicts our total devotion or sacrifice to God and total service to our fellow man. Isaiah 58 focuses upon the liberation or "loosing- the- bonds or burdens" aspect of fasting. God intended fasting as an opportunity to get our minds off from ourselves and onto God and our brethren by doing good works, including giving monetary offerings.



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