Pagan Holidays
Pagan Holidays

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The Government of God

The Solution to Mankind's Problems

Sermonette; #FT04-06s; 19 minutes
Given 02-Oct-04

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Mike Ford, reflecting on the myriad failed forms of governmental systems on the face of the earth (including 26 defunct world empires), focuses upon Israel's unfortunate and flawed choice of a monarchy in I Samuel 8, burdening the people with confiscatory taxes, conscription, and servitude. One form of government, originally described by Josephus as a theocracy, has not yet been tried (at least not in its pure form), but will be the Kingdom of God — a hereditary monarchy in which all those called by God, those who have overcome their carnal human natures and have become composed of God's character- with God's laws written permanently on their hearts. At this time, church and state will be one.



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