Sixth Commandment
Sixth Commandment

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Don't hit the snooze - Wake up!

Keep the desire to change going

Sermonette; #744s; 16 minutes
Given 29-Oct-05

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Bill Onisick, reflecting upon the disgusting trait of human nature to drift back into our pre-feast habits, recognizes that the spirit is often willing while the flesh is weak. While our Elder Brother prayed so intently in the Garden of Gethsemane, His perspiration resembling drops of blood, the disciples drifted off to sleep. The mind desires to remain strong during temptations, but our carnal human nature seems to be programmed to destroy us. We need to cry out for discernment and wisdom from Almighty God to gain understanding from God, putting aside our own proclivity for self-preservation. Like the priests who were instructed to keep the daily fire burning, we are to begin and end each day with prayer to keep our Feast fervor and connectivity with God Almighty. As we face post-Feast let-down, we see how weak we are spiritually. We need to daily renew our spiritual flame through prayer, study, and meditation, resolving to implement the changes we made at the Feast. We need to draw closer to God through His Holy Spirit.



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