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When He Dies It Will Come

Sermonette; #750s; 17 minutes
Given 10-Dec-05

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Mike Ford, after observing that God generally names things for what they are, suggests that his SPS for this message is God is merciful. In the pre-flood times, offspring had plenty of time to learn Godly traits from their progenitors. Methuselah learned from his ancestor Enoch for 365 years. Apparently the etymology of Methuselah's name is, according to Herbert Lochear, "when he is dead, it (the deluge of waters) shall be sent. God mercifully withheld His wrath 969 years before letting go of the deluge. Methuselah was the thermometer (or barometer) of God's mercy. It is prophetic that Methuselah died after God's ample warning and before the deluge.



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