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Upholding our Commitments

Following Christ's Example Of Complete, Sacrificial Commitment

Sermonette; #800s; 15 minutes
Given 11-Nov-06

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Bill Onisick, focusing on commitments we make to God and other people, asserts that Christianity is a lifetime commitment. Commitment starts with a choice and ends with self-discipline to guard against distraction. One of the problems with making commitments is using the verb "try" which automatically leads to half-hearted commitments. We must know exactly what we are committing ourselves to and the extent of the sacrifice we will need to make to keep this commitment. Our Elder Brother Jesus Christ has already provided an example of commitment and sacrifice to a total way of life. As Jesus breathed his last words on earth, He renewed His commitment. W. H. Murray suggests that until one commits, the desire to finish the project will not be generated, and the temptation to give up will take us away from the vision



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