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God Does Sweat The Small Stuff

Identifying The Little Sins In Our Life

Sermonette; #805s; 15 minutes
Given 16-Dec-06

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Bill Onisick, alluding to Richard Carlson's Don't Sweat the Small Stuff, and Jeffrey Kluger's article on "Ignoring Real Dangers," marvels that humans have a tendency to protect themselves from imaginary dangers, but ignore the real dangers. Sometimes the real dangers come from what appears to be small and insignificant. As fruit bearing Christians, we must be aware of little foxes which chew on the vines until the fruit drops to the ground. Little sins, like little foxes, are potentially lethal, like Uzzah's momentarily touching the ark or Lot's wife momentarily turning her head. Little things lead to big consequences. We need to adjust our thinking to protect our vines, mindful of the little things.



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