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Our Miraculous Calling

Knowing and Responding to our Calling

Sermonette; #853s; 19 minutes
Given 03-Nov-07

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Bill Onisick, reflecting on his calling eleven years ago, a time he was involved in becoming a national Internet provider and was on top of his volleyball game,recalled compromising the Sabbath for a volleyball tournament. Feeling increasing guilt and uneasiness, he left the game before it had concluded. He realized that breaking the Sabbath was stupid and damaging to His conscience. Later, his business aspirations as a major Internet mover and shaker had collapsed and he realized God was steering him to an entirely different pattern of life. As he watched his prior aspirations go down the tubes, he realized that God systematically had led him to the Pearl of Great Price. As the heroes of faith in Hebrews 11 sometimes failed to respond immediately to God's calling, we also shamefacedly fail in our initial conversionary steps.



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The Berean: Daily Verse and Comment

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