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Gratitude, Humility, and our Relationship with God

Thankfulness is the Key to Relating with God

Sermonette; #857s; 13 minutes
Given 01-Dec-07

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Ted Bowling, reflecting on his initial feelings of gratitude upon buying a new car, maintains that thankfulness is a function of God's sovereignty. Unfortunately, we do not always maintain a sense of gratitude, causing an erosion of our humility and an increased sense of pride and self-centeredness-characteristics of Satan. According to John Reid, "gratitude is the glue that cements our relationship with Almighty God." King Saul's self-centeredness and pride led to an erosion of his humility and gratitude. We need to maintain our sense of humility and gratitude for our calling, submitting ourselves continually to God's purpose and sovereignty, ensuring our selection by God as His firstfruits.



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The Berean: Daily Verse and Comment

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