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The Beast of Get

The Financial Meltdown and Underlying Cause

Sermonette; #914s; 19 minutes
Given 13-Dec-08

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Bill Onisick, reflecting on the plethora of bank failures, suggests that the United States has gone from the home of the brave to the largest debtor nation in the world.Because of loans given to people who could never pay them back, the foreclosure rates have gone off the chart. Investment bankers, fueled by greed and ill-conceived lending schemes including CDOs, CDSs leveraged almost entirely on credit, with no real capital invested, pushed the economic bubble to the breaking point. These risky schemes, based upon the spiritual mark of the beast, characterized by lies and greed, totally dominated by the way of "get" will lead to the demise of modern Israel. Satan's beast of get has driven this latest economic debacle, throwing many into hardship and poverty. We cannot allow ourselves to do anything with pride and self-centeredness, but must fight Satan's beast of get, finding ways to help out one another, trusting in God's providence for all things.



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