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Psalms 90-100

Sermonette; #097s; 18 minutes
Given 16-Oct-93

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Richard Ritenbaugh, acknowledging that people refer to the psalms as songs or poetry to comfort them, insists that they are much more than that, providing godly principles, history, and prophecy. Some have considered the Psalms the fifth Gospel because it describes the life and death of Christ. Psalm 90-100 are a series of psalms that look to our day. Psalm 90 is ascribed to Moses while the others have anonymous authorship. Some scholars have attributed all ten to Moses because they are connected together chronologically and thematically. Some even claim that Moses intended this to be one psalm, a continuation of the Song of Moses found in Deuteronomy 23. The Psalms are divided into five books. Psalm 90 begins the fourth book with the theme: God reigns. Because we are nothing, we are required to pray for understanding and to number our days, using the time wisely, praying for Christ to return. Psalm 91 speaks of a place of safety or refuge for people who trust in God. Psalm 92 takes place right at Christ's return when the righteous flourish in the courts of the Lord in the eve of the Millennium. Psalm 93 depicts a time Christ returns in strength and holiness. Psalm 94 depicts Christ returning as judge. Psalm 95 is a summons for Israel to return to God in obedience. Psalm 96 depicts God judging the nations. Psalm 97 depicts God destroying His enemies and protecting His saints. Psalm 98 depicts God fulfilling His promise of salvation. Psalm 99 depicts God sitting on His throne establishing His law as the law of the earth. Psalm 100 encourages us to rejoice to the utmost because God is here to stay.



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