Unity Through War

Exhort Your Brother

Sermonette; #967s; 20 minutes
Given 05-Dec-09


In World Way II, the band of brothers (Paratroopers E-Company) trained to rush into battle in the winter of 1944 at the Battle of the Bulge and D-Day. The sense of purpose and the bonding of these brothers could not have happened had not Pearl Harbor been bombed, unifying modern Israel. Brother Reuben (France) had been attacked by Satanic forces, requiring Reuben's brothers to come to his aid. Like E-Company, the Israel of God is again in full combat against the axis of evil. Our adversaries are not physical, but principalities or demonic forces. Realizing that God has provided everything we need, we can be as bold as Captain Spears, ready to give up our lives if need be, assured that Jesus Christ has already defeated Satan. We need to band together as brothers in this mortal combat.