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God's Law

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The Hypocritical Religion

Commentary; #967c; 12 minutes
Given 05-Dec-09

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Richard Ritenbaugh, reflecting on the bogus issue called Global Warming or Climate Change, suggests that the entire "crisis" has been fabricated by lies and chicanery. The helpless polar bears displayed in Al Gore's Power Point are actually thriving like never before, absolutely in no danger of perishing. Recently the e-mails of Climategate have exposed the sham and hypocrisy of these leftist pseudo-scientists who have fudged the results of incoming data, clearly lusting after government grants like prostitutes rather than pursuing truth. Not only have the leftist progressives and recycled Communists chosen the green movement as their political base, but they have made it their religion, clinging to Gaya-or mother earth as their deity. The high priest of environmentalism, Al Gore, leaves perhaps the largest carbon footprint on the face of the earth, buying indulgences from his own scam carbon offset corporations. Ironically, the Copenhagen conference will leave a gigantic carbon footprint in the name of reducing carbon emissions. The current crop of leaders embracing this bogus sham will bring a curse on this nation. We need to pray that we not be caught up in it.


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