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Who the Two Witnesses Are NOT

Refuting a Common Interpretation

Sermonette; #968s; 16 minutes
Given 12-Dec-09

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Charles Whittaker, focusing on the topic of the two witnesses, asserts that they do not represent the Old and New Testaments. The imagery in Revelation 11:2-8 indicate that they have the power of volition, have the capability to die, and have the capacity to receive life, something that does not apply, even anthropomorphically, to books. God has not divided His scriptures into Old and New Testament; theologians (largely the neo-Platonist philosopher Tertullian) have arbitrarily made this unnatural bifurcation or division, attempting to replace the law with gospel or grace. Although there is an old and new covenant, there is no old and new testament. God has given the power to execute His judgments to living beings.



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