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What Do You Take For Granted?

God Provides In Our Wilderness Walk

Sermonette; #1000s; 15 minutes
Given 03-Jul-10

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Ted Bowling, relating a story of his air- conditioning unit that stopped working right before the Sabbath, describes an incredible ordeal of intense heat and humidity, leading him and his family to be thankful for what they normally take for granted. Do we have a thankful attitude for the myriad blessings God Almighty continually bestows upon us? We need to meditate on the things that are going right in our life. Our forebears on the Sinai, for the most part, neglected to take into account the miracles of sustenance God performed every day, supplying their every need. We must be careful not to emulate their thanklessness, but instead to be thankful for His steadfast love, performing large and small miracles on our behalf, ensuring that we grow (through appropriate trials and tests), becoming prepared as His children ready for His family and kingdom.



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