Sixth Commandment
Sixth Commandment

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The Truth, The Lie, and Reality

Holding on to the Truth

Sermonette; #1019s; 15 minutes
Given 13-Nov-10

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Ryan McClure, commenting on the recent elections, observed that many political ads were carefully crafted character assassinations. Lying seems an 'expected' and 'accepted' part of political ads of both parties, as truth is either a casualty, or certainly an endangered species. We are summoned to be sanctified, set apart from the world, embracing truth rather than falsehood and deception. Satan deceived Eve with doubts and the lust of the eyes, twisting and turning God's truth. Satan has deceived the entire world into accepting counterfeit worship and doctrine. We must stay aware of Satan's modus operandi, countering his stratagems with the Word of God and His Holy Spirit.



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