Sixth Commandment
Sixth Commandment

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Squaring Our Joints Through Love

Building Tighter Bonds of Unity Through Love

Sermonette; #1023s; 18 minutes
Given 11-Dec-10

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Bill Onisick, reflecting on his experience as an amateur cabinet maker, discusses the importance of measuring twice, cutting once, having square edges, and avoiding crooked boards. He then applies these analogies to building a spiritual structure, having unity and structure, measured with the righteous Plumb-line, Jesus Christ. As individual boards in God's temple, we must tighten our relationships with the other boards, making sure we are not crooked, but squared properly, fastened tightly together with our brethren. We need to be careful not to offend our brethren, but be sensitive to others and the tastes of others, pursuing those things that unify or edify, putting on love, the bond of perfection.



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