Sixth Commandment
Sixth Commandment

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Spiritual Identity Theft

Protecting Our Real Identity Within God's Family

Sermonette; #1029s; 19 minutes
Given 22-Jan-11

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Bill Onisick, revealing that 15 million Americans annually have their credit card numbers or social security numbers stolen from them, making them subject to collection agents or bill collectors, warns that identity thieves have become more cunning and sophisticated in the information age, stealing the contents of our computers through "Trojan Horse programs." Our spiritual identity is even more vulnerable as Satan is working at this time causing divisions, providing temptations, attempting to toss us around with tricky and cunning doctrines, appealing to vanity and self-focus. If we have ill-will toward our brother, we are allowing a Trojan horse offense to arise in our mind, stealing our spiritual identity from us. We must, through prayer and study, actively scan our relationships with God and our brethren, keeping them free from antagonism and division.



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