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The Sword of Defense

The Sword of the Spirit:The Word of God

Sermonette; #1030s; 15 minutes
Given 29-Jan-11

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Ted Bowling, reflecting on the 'armor of God' metaphor in Ephesians 6, focuses on the 'sword' of the spirit, indicating that this small weapon could penetrate through armor. The metaphorical sword (the Word of God) is both an offensive and defensive weapon. Whatever obstacles we may encounter, we have scriptural weapons (answers) with which to defend ourselves. We need to take the time and effort to put these Scriptures in our mind so that we can draw upon them when we need them, as our Elder Brother demonstrated in Matthew 4:1-11. If we do not have a sword in our hand, Satan, his demons, and the world could move on us with a vengeance.



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