Feast of Tabernacles
Feast of Tabernacles

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Complacency, an Epidemic

Lessons from 9/11

Sermonette; #1035s; 16 minutes
Given 05-Mar-11

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Gary Montgomery, reflecting on the September 11th World Trade Center disaster perpetrated by Islamic terrorists, and its comparison to the Pearl Harbor attack, affirms that both of these events served as a wake-up call, jarring people out of complacency—at least for a short time. Apathy and complacency seem standard equipment of human nature, and they can grow as a progressive disease throughout our lives, fed by liberal philosophy, patiently tolerant or indulgent of everything except for God and His commandments. Today humankind, settled on their lees and stiffened in their sins, callously ignore God's pointed warnings. We must fight against this tendency by meditating, studying, praying, and fasting (activities serving as megavitamins protecting our immune system against the progressive disease of complacency), making ourselves ready for Christ's return, an event which will take the world by surprise and be more dramatic than the September 11th World Trade Center disaster. We should remain awake and vigilant, putting on the protective armor of God.



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