Pagan Holidays
Pagan Holidays

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Remember! And Never Forget

A Memory Lesson

Sermonette; #1037s; 15 minutes
Given 19-Mar-11

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Ryan McClure, reflecting on a CBS 60 Minutes segment on December 19, 2010 titled "The Gift of Endless Memory" which encapsulated some recent scientific discoveries regarding superior autobiographical memory, in which individuals recall minute details of every day of their entire life, describes some remarkable recollections of Louise Owens. She was able to relive every extant memory, positive and negative, in vivid detail, involving all of the sensory organs. As we approach the spring Holy Days, it is important that we remember vividly certain kinds of details about spiritual obligations. The book of Deuteronomy mentions the term remember no less than 14 times, admonishing the people of Israel not to forget how God brought them out of bondage, warning them if they would forget, then dire consequences would ensue. The warning is no less important to modern Israel, who also tends to forget who they are and what purpose God has for them. The Israel of God is instructed to remember as they prepare for Passover. The symbols of bread and wine depict the awesome aspect of Christ's sacrifice, leading us into a meticulous self-examination, revealing our part in His death. When we participate in the Days of Unleavened Bread, we need to remember that God led us out of spiritual Egypt and bondage to sin. The removal of physical leaven depicts the difficulty of removing spiritual leavening or sin. We need to be more far-sighted than our forebears, who forgot that God brought them out of bondage. The annual holy days remind of us God's plan of salvation and His incredible faithfulness toward us.



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