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Pagan Holidays

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Surreal Events

The Wind Is Changing

Commentary; #1037c; 16 minutes
Given 19-Mar-11

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Richard Ritenbaugh, sensing a strange surreal cast about today's news, believes things are seriously out of phase from what they should be. In a matter of a few short months the Middle East has become completely destabilized, our former allies find themselves in a state of chaos while the enigmatic American President backs them one day, and then supports the opposition the next day, confusing allies and enemies alike. The former America superpower shrinks back in cowardice as the world is torn apart. America is showing a weak face toward the world as America's foreign policy appears a conundrum. As our ally Japan has been ravaged with earthquakes and tsunamis, irrelevant , out of touch American environmentalists are lecturing Japan about mishandling of nuclear reactors as well as attempting to permanently shut down any future construction of nuclear reactors anywhere for any reason—even though nuclear reactors have proven the safest and cleanest form of power in the world. We are being manipulated by the far-left mainstream media, driven by a sinister agenda to socialize America. We need to keep our eyes open and not let ourselves be deceived by the professional, state-run media spin masters.


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