Feast of Tabernacles
Feast of Tabernacles

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God's Plan

Sermonette; #FT11-11s; 16 minutes
Given 19-Oct-11

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James Beaubelle, citing Job 14, suggests what God proposes, He will accomplish, including transforming man into His Spiritual image. God and man have been seeking one another, ever since sin separated mankind from God. Inside every human being is an empty void, desperately desiring and needing God. Mankind is a mixed bag of fear and pride, having lost his access to God. A yawning chasm exists between pride and self-centeredness, preventing many from finding God. Christ, through bearing our grief and dying for our sins, has bridged this chasm for God's called out ones. How precious is the calling given to us right now, and how precious will be the calling extended to all mankind in the wonderful world tomorrow.



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