Feast of Tabernacles
Feast of Tabernacles

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Grumpy Old Men

Sermonette; #FT11-14s; 18 minutes
Given 20-Oct-11

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Mike Ford, acknowledging that as we age we could become jaded and cynical, asks whether it is necessary to become "grumpy old men." It is hard to become wide-eyed as a child and not become weary, crotchety, old "worn-out" saints. Nonchalance in old age can kill us, as King Asa learned when he established an alliance with Syria. Uzziah, also in his early years when he trusted God, was successful, but in his latter years when he arrogantly and presumptuously burned incense in the temple, he was struck with leprosy until his death. We need to be consistently praying and studying, remaining consistently humble and childlike before the Lord, not throwing away the character we have accumulated.



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