Feast of Tabernacles
Feast of Tabernacles

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The Foundation of God

How Are We Building on God's Foundation?

Sermonette; #1072s; 18 minutes
Given 29-Oct-11

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Ronny Graham, reflecting on the most important aspect of any construction, bridge, building, or multi-storied tower, insists that the foundation requires the most care. It must be laid on solid ground. A skyscraper's massive foundation, like that of a bridge, may be anchored several hundred feet into the ground. A city's moral foundation is based upon the ethics of its inhabitants; Sodom's foundations were weak. Jesus Christ is the only dependable foundation; we must build according to the Master Builder's specifications. We should regard the Bible as our blueprint. Whatever we build upon the foundation will be tested by fire. We need to build carefully, not in haste, measuring our work against the plumb line of God's Law as measured by Jesus Christ.



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