Feast of Tabernacles
Feast of Tabernacles

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Do Unto Others...

Godly Reciprocity

Sermonette; #1075s; 20 minutes
Given 19-Nov-11

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Bill Onisick, ruminating on a freaky Friday when a polite man with a need kept him from reaching a trolley, thinks about the factors that led him to pay attention to this man. This individual, who turned out to be an ex-convict desperately needing a second chance, demonstrated humility, respect, and a wistful sense of remorse. Bill Onisick made a reflective decision to help this man with a cash gift to help him with tuition for a course. We are to be merciful and non-judgmental to the stranger. When we do so, God promises to reciprocate (with the means to provide help) when we are kind to the helpless and those in need.



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