Sixth Commandment
Sixth Commandment

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The Light of God's Glory

Sermonette; #1077s; 16 minutes
Given 03-Dec-11

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Charles Whitaker, delving into the topic of God's glory, points out that glory has been a synonym of light, as is seen in Moses' face reflecting God's glory through the radiance of light and in Jesus Christ's dazzling return as depicted by lightning. Although most of Israel and a sizable portion of God's church are burdened with sin, God has prepared a tiny remnant to reflect God's glory, interceding on behalf of the rest of Israel, standing in the gap. Christ will come to Zion, for those have rejected the darkness of the world. The brilliant illumination of God's glory shining over His saints will cause the saints to appear luminous as well, reflecting God's everlasting light and glory



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