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God's Vineyard

The Fruit That God Desires

Sermonette; #1078s; 17 minutes
Given 10-Dec-11

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Ronny Graham focuses on grape arbor analogies as they apply to God's vineyard—the church—including the preparation of the soil, the selection of the vine, contact with sunlight, the plant bearing too much fruit too early, the tower constructed in the vineyard, and the winepress. A particular soil is needed for a particular flavor of wine. In preparation of spiritual soil, God throws all the stones out of His vineyards, removing the stony hearts and the wicked out of His land. When the vinedresser selects the vine for taste, he generally selects one particular vine that has a history of producing flavorful grapes and shows resistance to disease and insects. In ancient Israel,a booth was often constructed so the family of the vintner could view the progress of the crop. Sometimes, grapes that start out beautifully fail to mature. The vinedresser must ensure that the grapes receive enough light. The greater church of God needs to respond to the cultivation of the Vintner. We need to prepare for the Marriage Supper, yielding to God as He produces the fruit in us that He desires.



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