God's Law
God's Law

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Door #1

Closing the Door

Sermonette; #1129s; 17 minutes
Given 10-Nov-12

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Ronny Graham, reflecting on the 1963 game show Let's Make a Deal, recalls the three doors behind which only one would contain something valuable, the second would contain something of lesser value, while the third would contain something worthless or stupid. The doorway has always been considered the strongest structural part of the edifice. The door provides an opening to a room. A closed door conceals one from the dangers of the outside. Doors can be used in a figurative sense, such as an open door. In the messages to the Philadelphia and the Laodicean churches, the doors (of opportunity) are open and closed respectively. In the Song of Solomon, the Shulamite initially is head over heels in love, but later expresses reluctance at opening the door. One could draw parallels to the early reference to the Shulamite and the later reference to the Philadelphia and Laodicea perspectives. Perhaps in the second reference, the Shulamite had become so close to the world that her access to her lover had become imperiled.



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