Bible Villains
Bible Villains

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Sermonette; #1134s; 15 minutes
Given 15-Dec-12

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Ted Bowling, reflecting on the account of Dorcas (Tabitha), whom God resurrected from the dead, asks why God included this story in the Book of Acts. Tabitha is the only named woman who was resurrected and is also called a disciple, praised for her good works, having made many garments for the congregation. This task may have been time-consuming and labor-intensive. As He bestowed gifts of service on Tabitha, God has bestowed gifts on every member of His congregation, such as motivational skills, gardening skills, electronic skills, encouragement skills, musical skills, listening skills, praying skills, carpentry skills, etc. Everyone is valuable to the congregation. God requires the faithful to do good works, testifying of our faith, works that serve other members of the body of Christ.



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