Bible Villains
Bible Villains

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Trusting the Instruments

Relying on God's Instruction

Sermonette; #1136s; 20 minutes
Given 29-Dec-12

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Richard Ritenbaugh recounts a narrowly averted disaster during an airplane flight in which the pilots heeded their instincts and flew by the seat of their pants rather than their airplane's instrument panels. Similarly, it is just as dangerous for Christians to fly by the seat of their pants, or by their own instincts, rather than to rely on God's instructions through His Holy Scriptures. God's Word is perfect and pure, totally reliable for our spiritual navigation. It is perfectly applicable as the pure mind of God in writing, profitable for doctrine, correction, reproof, and instruction in righteousness. The Bible constitutes our instrument panel, a better navigational guide than our own instincts. Paradoxically, sometimes trusting the instruments does not 'feel right,' but we must sometimes go by faith in God rather than sight.



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