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Keeping the Feast Spirit Alive

Sermonette; #1178s; 20 minutes
Given 28-Sep-13

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Richard Ritenbaugh, reflecting that we have all returned from the Feast of Tabernacles, reminds us that we must now get into the flow of mundane daily living once again. In many ways, the life of a Christian is similar to anyone else living in the hectic 21st Century, but we are not like everyone else, having been set apart and given a measure of God's Holy Spirit, taken out of this world and drafted, as well as naturalized, into the Kingdom of God. Hopefully the Feast of Tabernacles changed us in some significant way, transforming and enlightening. We can implement three spiritual responses immediately, including 1.) rejoicing (in all the blessings God has given us) amidst the winter time (when trials are apt to come) until we are refreshed in the spring, 2.) expressing continuous thanksgiving—a perpetual attitude of gratitude, and 3.) dedicating ourselves to taking the spirit of the Feast of Tabernacles back into our lives through the upcoming months (saturated with the world's holidays) until we are again refreshed in the spring. If we can retain this spirit of the Feast in our memories, creating "time preserves," this will have been the best Feast ever.



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