Sixth Commandment
Sixth Commandment

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Jeremiah's Complaint

Jeremiah Discouragement Became Great and God's Response

Sermonette; #1187s; 16 minutes
Given 30-Nov-13

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Charles Whitaker, reflecting on the intensity of the rhetoric of God's judgment against Judah, and Jeremiah's subsequent reaction and crisis of belief, focuses on God's rebuke to Jeremiah for his lack of trust. In times of crisis, God wants an individual of faith and commitment. In times of crisis, the prophet finds it difficult to speak frankly and finds it easier to compromise. In order not to receive the same kind of rebuke as Jeremiah did, we must hold fast to the terms of our calling and covenant with God Almighty, remaining tough and committed when the world's evil systems implode under its peoples' corruption and instability.



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