Sixth Commandment
Sixth Commandment

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Does A Weed Know It's A Weed? (Part Two)

Testing and Proving Godly Seed

Sermonette; #1191s; 18 minutes
Given 28-Dec-13

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Bill Onisick, focusing upon the explanation of the Parable of the Tares in Matthew 13:17, explains that Satan the Devil has sown the noxious weeds, which will be gathered and burned at the close of the age. The difference between wheat and weed is their fruit. God allows the wheat and weeds to grow together for our benefit. God plants His unrighteous seeds in our hearts, but Satan plants his tares; we cannot be confident in our own strength to overcome and resist. Satan wants to sift us as he tried to sift Peter. Satan does not have any power that God does not allow. We cannot be overconfident that we are not a tare; we must intensely ask God in prayer to reveal the flaws in us. We must apply the two-part test of a tare: do we offend? , and do we work iniquity? As we become aligned with God, we become aligned with our brethren, not causing offense. A tare is easily offended or easily offends because it is self-focused with Satan's seed of pride. Having the seed of God's spirit implanted in us will curtail our practice of sin. If we have love for our brother, we will not offend, and if we have love for God, we will not sin, having a desire to obey God, cultivating the fruits of agape love and righteousness in our hearts.



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