Sixth Commandment
Sixth Commandment

Audio Programming Schedule

Daily Audio Programs

Hear previous sermons, sermonettes, and Feast of Tabernacles messages, Sunday through Friday.

Date Title
Sunday 07-Jun-20 Dealing With Forced Change
Monday 08-Jun-20 Are You Sure You Believe in God? (Part 2)
Tuesday 09-Jun-20 The Doctrine of Israel (Part Three): A Cycle of Rebellion
Wednesday 10-Jun-20 What is Your Motive for Serving God?
Thursday 11-Jun-20 Loyalty and Submission (Part 2)
Friday 12-Jun-20 The Seeds of Change (Part 2)

Friday Night Bible Study

The next Bible Study will be Offerings (Part 2), given by John W. Ritenbaugh on Friday 12-Jun-20. The Bible Study will be continuously available from 6:00 pm Friday until 12:00 pm Saturday (EST).


Sabbath Services

Sabbath services are broadcast live every Saturday afternoon, beginning at 2:30 pm EST. To listen to the service, simply go to the homepage ( a few minutes beforehand, and a link will be displayed that will allow you to login and listen.


Holy Days

Most Holy Day services are also broadcast live. Check the following schedule for dates and times. Please note that all times are in the Eastern time zone.

Holy Day Date Starting Time
Feast of Trumpets, AM 19-Sep-20 10:30 AM
Feast of Trumpets, PM 19-Sep-20 2:30 PM
Day of Atonement 28-Sep-20 2:30 PM
Feast of Tabernacles (Opening Night) 02-Oct-20 8:30 PM
Feast of Tabernacles (First Day, AM) 03-Oct-20 11:00 AM
Feast of Tabernacles (First Day, PM) 03-Oct-20 4:00 PM
Feast of Tabernacles (Second Day) 04-Oct-20 11:00 AM
Feast of Tabernacles (Third Day) 05-Oct-20 11:00 AM
Feast of Tabernacles (Fourth Day) 06-Oct-20 11:00 AM
Feast of Tabernacles (Fifth Day) 07-Oct-20 11:00 AM
Feast of Tabernacles (Sixth Day) 08-Oct-20 11:00 AM
Feast of Tabernacles (Seventh Day) 09-Oct-20 11:00 AM
The Eighth Day, AM 10-Oct-20 11:00 AM
The Eighth Day, PM 10-Oct-20 4:00 PM

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