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The Patience of God (21-Feb-20)
by Ronny H. Graham
Patience is sometimes misunderstood. Many think that it is just sitting and waiting, but exercising patience takes work and sometimes great self-control.
Divine Providence (Part Two) (14-Feb-20)
by Mike Fuhrer
God's care for us goes well beyond fulfilling our basic physical needs. He is far more interested in providing those things that aid us in our spiritual walk.
Divine Providence (Part One) (07-Feb-20)
by Mike Fuhrer
God's providence is a subject that few people, even in God’s church, have a full grasp on. Most look on it too narrowly, but we must consider it carefully.
A City on a Hill (Part Two) (31-Jan-20)
by John Reiss
We may never be featured in a museum, receive a Medal of Honor, or be the subject of a movie, but we can still be outstanding examples with our own lives.
A City on a Hill (Part One) (24-Jan-20)
by John Reiss
The eyes of the world are on those who seek to be God's servants. Consider these stories of people whose inspiring examples serve as witnesses to God's character.
The Elijah Syndrome (Part Three) (17-Jan-20)
by David C. Grabbe
We can draw several lessons from Elijah, particularly his belief that he was the only one left whom God could use. God is always doing more than we are aware.
The Elijah Syndrome (Part Two) (10-Jan-20)
by David C. Grabbe
God taught Elijah that He is not in excessive displays of power or showy miracles when a voice will suffice.
The Elijah Syndrome (Part One) (03-Jan-20)
by David C. Grabbe
Though God worked through Elijah in ways that are almost without comparison, God also left a record of a low point in the prophet's life as a lesson for us.


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