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Can Angels Die?
Can Angels Die? (January-February 2017) View as Adobe PDF
The apostle Paul declares in Romans 6:23 that “the wages of sin is death.” We face this truth daily, hearing of the deaths of relatives, friends, acquaintances, and famous people, their lives taken as payment for their transgressions against almighty God. But does this verse also apply to sinful angels, Satan and his demons? Do they really have endless life—despite their rebellious, defiant, and hateful acts and attitudes against God? Or will they suffer His fiery wrath? What does the Bible say?

The Goat of Complete Removal
The Goat of Complete Removal (March-April 2017) View as Adobe PDF
The Day of Atonement ritual in Leviticus 16 includes two goats: one to be sacrificed as a sin offering and the other to bear the sins of the people "to an uninhabited land" (verse 22). These two goats represent two of our Savior's major works: paying the penalty for our sins with His blood and completely removing our sins, not just from sight, but also from memory. On this holiest of days, the focus is completely on Jesus Christ.

A Shattered and Scattered People
A Shattered and Scattered People (May-June 2017) View as Adobe PDF
According to our Savior, the Great Tribulation will be a time like no other in the history of the world. Major elements of that prophesied period are the defeat, enslavement, and scattering of God's people over the face of the earth. As Jesus suggests, the modern fulfillment of the Bible's prophecies will be like and yet unlike--and worse than--its ancient counterparts.

Signs of the End?
Signs of the End? (July-August 2017) View as Adobe PDF
What are we to think about eclipses, increasing natural disasters, and worsening times? Do they really foretell the imminent return of Jesus Christ to the earth? Our Savior Himself gave us prophetic signs, both in His Olivet Prophecy and the book of Revelation, to warn us when the time of His coming drew near, but He also warns us to take care that no one deceives us about these things.

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