Forerunner: Preparing Christians for the Kingdom of God

May-June 2010
Volume 19, Number 3

From ancient times, wheat has been harvested by cutting the grain and tying the stalks into sheaves, then standing the sheaves in shocks in the field to ripen fully and dry. Afterward, when the grain was ready to fall from the husks, it was taken to be threshed and winnowed. This process may be more like the spiritual harvest of God's firstfruits than we may have previously thought. (Alamy)

Personal from John W. Ritenbaugh
Born Again or Begotten? (Part One)

Throughout its recent history, the "born again" or "begotten again" doctrine has time and again been a point of controversy in the church of God. Clearly an important principle, it is the subject of Jesus' first discourse in the book of John, a gospel made up of our Savior's expansions on vital, spiritual subjects. John Ritenbaugh explains that "born again" is entirely a spiritual matter, a fact that Nicodemus misunderstood and one that continues to elude many even today.

Ready Answer
Is the Love of Many Growing Cold?

by David C. Grabbe

Among the best-known signs of the end of the age is Jesus' declaration in Matthew 24:12 that "the love of many will grow cold." However, David Grabbe advises caution in judging that such a state exists in others, in a church group, or in the church as a whole. Could love be there but just not as we might expect it?

Prophecy Watch
The Harvesting of the Firstfruits

by Bill Keesee (1935-2010)

The church of God has long acknowledged the biblical analogy of a harvest representing the gathering and eventual resurrection of the saints. Bill Keesee speculates that we can perhaps expand our understanding of the harvest analogy to include other aspects of our preparation for God's Kingdom.

The Catholic Church:
Declining or Reviving?

by Richard T. Ritenbaugh

With all the abuse cases casting aspersions on Catholic priests—and some are indeed guilty of the charges against them—many people believe that the Roman Catholic Church is in decline and that it will never regain its moral authority. Richard Ritenbaugh argues that, instead, Pope Benedict XVI will use this crisis to help his Church emerge even stronger on the other side.

Bible Study
The Miracles of Jesus Christ:
Resurrecting Jairus' Daughter

by Martin G. Collins

The resurrection of Jairus' daughter, recounted in all three Synoptic Gospels, is one of Jesus Christ's greatest miracles. Martin Collins explains Christ's seemingly curious actions in raising the twelve-year-old from premature death.

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