Forerunner: Preparing Christians for the Kingdom of God

December 1993
Volume 2, Number 11

Personal from John W. Ritenbaugh
'I'll Never Follow Another Man!'

This is an oft-repeated refrain in these days of distrust of the ministry. But is it a proper, Christian attitude? What does the Bible say about human leadership in God's church?

Ready Answer
'By What Every Joint Supplies'

by Staff

One of our primary duties as Christians is to build strong, loving relationships with our brethren. These relationships are the "joints" between the members of Christ's body, the church. What are you supplying to the growth of the body?

Prophecy Watch
Should We Stop Having Babies?

by Staff

One of the "woes" Jesus pronounces in His Olivet Prophecy concerns those who have dependent children when the church must flee. Whether it is time to take action on this or not, it is a situation would-be parents need to consider.

The Shepherd's Voice

by Mike Ford

God's people are often compared to sheep. Lately, however, some have begun to question whether they need a human shepherd. How does one know whether a minister is a true shepherd of God?

Elijah's Dose of Reality

by Richard T. Ritenbaugh

Sometimes, we get down because we think that all our labors for God have gone unnoticed. Elijah did, and his story points out a major lesson we all would do well to heed today.

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