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A Glutton's Spread?
A Glutton's Spread? (January 2000)
Obesity has become a major health problem in the United States in recent years—and in many cases, it has a spiritual source: gluttony. America has "waxed fat" when it should be "fighting trim"! Are we in the church today beating "the spread"?

Outlook 2000
Outlook 2000 (February 2000)
What is the outlook for the year 2000 and beyond? Have we entered a time of peace and prosperity or has the stage been set for new and bigger conflicts and catastrophies? Bible prophecy is our most reliable guide in unlocking the secrets of the near future!

Lessons from the Geese
Lessons from the Geese (March 2000)
It is no secret that the natural world can teach us vital spiritual principles. Geese are no exception. Their instinctive behaviors teach us lessons in leadership, unity, fellowship, family and cooperation—all elements of a successful Christian life.

Did Christ Rise on Easter Sunday?
Did Christ Rise on Easter Sunday? (April 2000)
The "Christian" holiday known as Easter relies on the assumption that Jesus Christ, our Savior, rose from the grave on Sunday morning. Does this belief have any basis in fact? The Bible, the only source that can settle the matter, reveals the Messiah could not have risen on Sunday.

Anti-Americanism Abroad
Anti-Americanism Abroad (May 2000)
The United States of America has no rivals to its power, making it the prime target of international enmity. Though its tenor is mild at present, any number of scenarios could unleash rabid anti-Americanism. The Bible says Israel will be hated for its arrogance in the end time. Is this fulfilled prophecy?

Giving Your Word
Giving Your Word (June 2000)
The era of a "man's word is his bond" seems to be long past, but for members of God's church, truth and integrity must be parts of our characters. Can others trust what we say and promise? Psalm 15 says that only those who speak the truth will be in God's Kingdom!

Honor Your Father
Honor Your Father (July 2000)
Most of our human fathers are good men—some exceptional, some regrettable. Yet we honor them on Father’s Day and through the fifth commandment. But there is a greater "Father’s Day" coming when our heavenly Father will be honored for all eternity!

Dating the Past
Dating the Past (August 2000)
Archeologists and historians attempt to reconstruct the past from ancient artifacts and writings—an incomplete and often confused record. This had led many scholars to discount the Bible’s basic historical accuracy. Christians should not allow the shifting opinions of chronologists to undermine their faith in God and His faithful Word.

Entering The Spiritual Hard Hat Zone
Entering The Spiritual Hard Hat Zone (September-October 2000)
As Christians, we are involved in God's plan of salvation for mankind. This plan is like a long term construction project--and the project is us! Because God is working on us, we must constantly wear a spiritual hard hat to finish the job safely!

Boys Will Be Boys
Boys Will Be Boys (November 2000)
Little boys are unique—curious, rowdy, loud and rambunctious! In the last decade an all-out assault on little boys has been waged, suppressing their natural behaviors and attempting to mold them into something else altogether. The long term effects of such manipulation could fulfill Bible prophecy.

Countdown to Pentecost 2001
Countdown to Pentecost 2001 (December 2000)
The wavesheaf offering begins the spring barley harvest that culminates with Pentecost. The day of the wavesheaf also begins the 50-day count to Pentecost. Normally there is little disagreement over when wavesheaf day occurs, but 2001 is different—as will be 2005 and 2008.

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